Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More than a Place to Put Books

I really like libraries. It goes beyond my love of reading and books. I like the atmosphere of education and learning. There are different areas, some I've been to have had art galleries, some have had cafe's. I have a list of my top three favorite libraries that I have been to.

3) San Diego Mesa College Learning Resource Center

While I went to San Diego Mesa College, I spent a lot of my time studying (chemistry if I remember correctly) at this library. The building is huge and it overlooks part of the campus, and on clear days, you can see all the way to La Jolla

2) San francisco State University: J. Paul Leonard  Library
I am currently on the 4th floor on a rainy day. If it was clear I could see the ocean out of my window. I spend a lot of my time here when I a not in class. There are many places to study, there are couches and comfy chairs to nap on and even a coffee shop

1) University of California San Diego: Geisel Library
This Library has the most commanding architecture of any library I've ever seen. I had an ex who went to this school and I spent a lot of time in this library studying while he was in classes. The first floor is art galleries, mostly dedicated to Dr. Sueus, You can also see the ocean from the 8th floor of this building.

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