Friday, January 09, 2015

MyLife in Shows, 2014

I don't know why I really enjoyed making a blog about the various shows I've watched last year. I find myself often going back and remembering what I did watch, and whether I liked it or not. Well, here is 2014!
Lynnsey and I were *really* into X-Files for a long time. I do not remember why we stopped watching it. Oh those many hours of Mulder-Face. Lynnsey has such a crush on David Duchovny, she will often refer to this show as Mulder-Face

I started this show so long ago. The first time I stopped watching was right after my first date with Ryne. During a typical first date conversation, we were talking about TV shows, and he kind of gave me a hard time for watching this show. So of course I stopped. Girl logic.
I started it again at the beginning of the year. When there was an episode that crossed over into Private Practice, I made the switch and forgot about this show...again.

This show is a family favorite. It is a show I enjoy watching on occasion. Crime, Hawaii and Tom Selleck!

I think this show was on my list last year.Nina and I like watching it together.

Right after Ryne got hurt last January, he had a long recovery, and we decided to start watching a show together. We decided on Dexter and we fell in love with it. We finished it only a few months ago.

I started watching this about half way through Grey's Anatomy. I did not get very far in this show, I don't remember why I stopped watching this one.

Oh Lost, your many mysteries kept me engaged for so many seasons. Lost is an amazing show.I was hooked from ep1. I finally finished it too!

Heroes I began (again), and slowly lost interest in during the third season. I am willing to give it another go because the first two seasons were so good.

This was an interesting view into a secluded lifestyle, the Amish. It was interesting to see how dark and sheltered these people were and how they blossomed among the New York lifestyle.

I started watching House back in 2005 when it was airing on television. I loved my tuesday nights for this show. I think I stopped watching it after season 6, because my parents did not have cable. I was ecstatic when I saw it was on Netflix. Ryne and I ended up watching this one together.

I am pretty sure this show was on my list last year. I am also sad that this show got removed form Netflix. It was such an easy show to throw on.

Over the summer, I began watching crime shows. This one was only 8 episodes long, but it centered around a major story each time.

This is a show I'll go to every now and then, especially if a new season is released online.

I started watching this on TLC in 2008. And got myself caught up when I found the series online. There are a lot of things I like about this family that I wish I grew up with. At the same time, there are a lot of things that this family does and seem to work for them, but they are not morals I agree or find value in.

What list of television shows wold be complete without Gilmore Girls? Not a year since 2005 have I gone a year without watching Gilmore Girls. It is my ultimate comfort show. It has a message for every emotion and situation. It is smart, and inspiring and oh so funny.

This became my new favorite teen drama. 90210 was so much fun so watch. I watched all 5 seasons in less than 2 months.

Since I finished 90210, I have not really found a show to stick with into 2015. I started Criminal minds, Helix, Black Mirror and Vampire Diaries. We'll see what comes of those. So long 2014!

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