Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What is a Name?

I have a pretty cool name. I actually like the name Kelsey. More often than not, I get called Kels, which I easily respond to. I've never been called be my middle names. I also seem to get dubbed nicknames. My last ex tended to call me Precious, my buddy in Florida calls me KA.
Several months ago, I saw this emoji and sent it to Ryne:


I told him it looked like a butt. Every now and then, he and I will text each other a heart, just our little why of checking in with each other. I started sending him peach butts. So he started calling me Peachy Butt, and eventually that evolved into just Peachy or Peach. My favorite nickname of all time is Peach.

Tonight the Christmas decorations and merch are going up at my store. This year, Starbucks has a huge selection of gift cards for the holiday season. Not only did I spot this, but I had about three other people in my store point these out to me:


Yeah I have to get a few of these lol, so cute

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