Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Summer of 2011 has been a very interesting one so far. My class ended three weeks ago and I think I did very well. By the time the final came around, I had a 78% in the class. I think I did pretty well on the final, so I am assuming I got a "B" in the class. It was very intense, a whole class packed into 5 weeks. We read 2-3 essays or short stories per day, three essays to write, three response papers, 4 quizzes, and two in class essays. I am willing to bet that if I had a better environment, I could have done better. But let's not focus on that part of the past. I did the best I could have in the circumstances I was given, and I am satisfied with that. I learned a lot, made some class friends, and just enjoyed myself.
The day after my class was done, Greg, McKenna, Shannon and myself took off for the beach house in Carlsbad for a few days. One of his cousins was getting married, so we decided to make a trip out of the event. It was a cute wedding, short and to the point.
During the time down there, we also got an opportunity that meant the world to me and my sisters, we got to go to Newport Beach and Balboa Island. Those places hold such a significant place in our hearts, I wish Greg was not such a grump the whole time. If it were not for the stories that I've read that took place in Newport Beach, I would be a very different person. Thank you God for allowing Robin Jones Gunn to write her books that have inspired me and affected, strengthened, and clarified my relationship with You. It was almost like traveling to Mecca for me. It was a spiritual experience for me, I really wish Greg could have understood that.
That night we had dinner at Downtown Disney and watched the fireworks. I enjoy going there sometimes.
The next day, we had a tour at UCSD, oh how I love that place! I find such great joy when I think about my potential attendance there. I would give anything to live on campus and maybe even study abroad for a time. I yearn for a true college education and experience and travel. I want adventure in the great wide, somewhere, I want it more than I can tell...
We also spent a little time in San Diego, the city I love and I have fallen in love with that city. I have felt for years that God has been leading me to San Diego. I had a wonderful Presbyterian church, and I always had something to do.
It was a wonderful trip, I had some amazing "God Moments" and I continue to pray that He works in my life and allows me to go back there soon.

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