Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rave Story

My life is very tiring. I have school days 5 days a week, I work in the Psychology Department 3 days week, I work 5 days a week totaling 30-35 hours, and I'm in a full time committed relationship. I average 4-6 hours of sleep a night. Small tasks such as showering or taking care of laundry have to be scheduled into my life. I keep a very professional attitude throughout my day to day life. Heels, sweaters and my "nice" tops.

About a year ago, I got into the rave scene. When I am at raves and other music festivals, I dress differently than I normally do. I act differently, I'm not so uptight, everyone I meet is my friend, everyone has the best outfit. No one is competition like at school, everyone is the same.

Raves have freed me. I can dress anyway I like (as does everyone else), I can be happy without acting happy, I can dance and look like a fool, and for the first time, I feel like I can truly EXPERIENCE music.

I decided to start sharing my outfits and rave stories. While many people who know me back at home probably question or do not approve of this:
1) I do not dress like this normally, these are costumes.
2) Raving is something I do only occasionally. This is the outlet I have chosen to let go of my very busy stressful life.

Electric Daisy Festival (EDC) Las Vegas June 2014This was the first rave I went to. Ryne and I went only one night, the last night. It changed my life. I was already into Electric Dance Music (EDM), but this festival took that love of music into another level. Even when performing or listening to music in the past, I never EXPERIENCED music before that night.

My first rave outfit was kind of thrown together in a day, and I got a lot of compliments on it.

I got the top at a street sale in Santa Cruz for $5. It is a bikini top by Roxy.

The tutu I got at a store called Ruby Blue in Las Vegas for about $22.

The panties I picked up at Ross.

I wore black and pink tennis shoes and I was ready to go. Pretty inexpensive outfit

Dancing in red light

Electric Sriracha Music Festival San Jose August 2014
This was a very low key music festival. I did not go as all out as I would in a large rave. I wore neon orange running shorts and a neon tank-top from Walmart.

Oh yes and our posse

EDC Puerto Rico February 2015
This was the first rave Ryne and I planned for. We planed this trip 5 months ahead of time, so I had time to get my outfits together.

I wore my same yellow top both nights.
The first night I got a new tutu that was yellow and had night up hearts

I also got something called fluffies to wear both nights. Mine were frosted yellow.

I also got a flower crown.

The second night, I wore my multicolored tutu from EDCLV.

I have several more events this year, and more outfits to post soon! Keep you posted.

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