Monday, March 30, 2015

Isabela and Ruinas Faro Punta Borinquen. Puerto Rico II

After Ryne and I went to El Yunque and Loquillo, we went to the western side of the island. We dove from San  Juan to Isabela in search of some beaches for snorkeling.
The island of Puerto Rico is stunning. there was foliage on the sides of the roads, 4 foot long iguanas that roam free, clouds that are unreal and weather that would make even Californians jealous.

Can you tell San Juan was gearing up for EDC?

Even a trip to Walmart was an exotic experience.

Not many places in the world where an every day drive looks like this.

Every turn had a breathtaking view

There is no way someone would stumble upon this beach. Ryne spent a lot of time Googleing snorkeling beaches and got a hit on this one.  We drove through a tiny town with one way streets, on another road that seemed to lead no where. It dead ended in a neighborhood and we had to park off the road in the grass, walk up another street, between 2 houses ,and down the staircase, we came to this beach.

Back in the neighborhood there was a place where you could rent horses on the beach.

The water was so clear and there were so many fish and animals to see. The only problem is that the current was very strong so we only stayed out for an hour or so before we got super tired.

Ryne thought it would be a good idea to hang his mask in the tree lol.

After snorkeling, we found the most delicious lunch at this little cafe. We then drove further to the edge of the island in search of a lighthouse ruins. To get there was crazy. Near a runway, then we drove through a golf club that has signs to not drive there. The weather seemed to turn, but no rain! It cleared up when we got to the light house.

Scouting the next place to take pictures
We never discovered what this was. Not the light house lol

Ruinas Faro Punta Borinquen

This light house has an amazing story. IT was occupied by two families in the laste 1800's, and was destroyed in an earthquake and tsunami in 1918. It was rebuilt down the coast

Went exploring on the beach and found these little shells

Also found a crab

This is where the tower with the light was.

We were not sure what this little memorial was

This couple was so cute. They were also taking pictures and looking at them together.

After exploring for an hour or so, we drove the 2 hours back to san Juan.
Crazy cool tree

More EDC posters

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