Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spring 2015, the Adventure Continues!

Tomorrow, I am beginning my second semester at San Francisco State University. I am taking the same amount of classes as in the fall, but I am now a full time student with 12 units. I was taking 4 classes last semester but it added up to only 10 units because one of them was an online class. 
Because I spent so many years  at MJC, SD Mesa College and Napa Valley College, I am technically a senior in the psychology department, but I am not going to graduate this year, probably next year.

 The courses I am taking are:

PSY 305  GWAR Contemporary Issues in Psychology with a focus in Controversial Issues in Psychology

Consideration of controversial psychological topics of historical and current importance from diverse psychological perspectives. Self-deception, nature of intelligence, and intimate relationships are some of the issues covered.

This class is a requirement for graduation. GWAR classes are Graduation Writing Assessment Requirements. They are a type of English class focused on writing, and this one happens to be in the psychology department.

PSY 461 Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology 
Application of psychological principles and methods in understanding human behavior at work, and to approach and solve problems in business and industry. Addresses such issues as: employee selection, training, and evaluation; working conditions; motivation, leadership, and organizational theory.

I am very excited about this class because I am considering focusing my coursework in graduate school towards I/O Psychology

PSY 571: Intermediate Psychological Statistics

Statistical theory and techniques applicable to various experimental designs and other forms of psychological research.

I took Stats at MJC, and I barely passes. That class stressed me out so much I lost about 15 lbs that semester. I took it again at SFSU and I did amazing! Aced my tests and homework. So I decided to move on to the next level in stats

CSC 210 Introduction to Computer Programming.

Design, implementation, testing, debugging, maintenance, and documentation of programs. Algorithms, programming concepts, and data types. Concepts of object-oriented programming; numerical and non-numerical problems.

I did a year of programming at MJC and after discussing it with Ryne, I think I am going to attempt to minor in Computer Programming.

Tomorrow begins another amazing semester at SFSU. Go Gators!

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