Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vegas Vegas

I am so excited to share my Puerto Rico pictures with you all. But I still am going to post my Las Vegas pictures from my second trip, and some pictures I took with my dad before we get to the PR pics.
My store closed for a week in January so it could go through a mini refurbishment. I was still on winter break so Ryne and I went to Vegas for another week together.

Since I am Ryne's Peach, we went to CVS the first night we were there and got some peach drink and mixed it with some grapefruit juice.

We spent the weekend at a Hilton across from the Rivera, way up on the 33rd floor. Here is a rare sight. Rain in Las Vegas1 The large bluish hotel in these pictures are the Fontainebleu that went bankrupt mid project.

This neon cowboy is at the entrance to Fremont Street. He used to be at the former Hacienda Resort.

We switched hotels to the Flamingo during the week. this is the look down from our window to the pool. It was too chilly to use it though.
Right out the window in the hall was the High Roller, the largest moving observatory in the world. I have yet to convince Ryne to go on it with me ;P

At the Flamingo, there was a mini wildlife area, including parrots. They let me hold all 6 of them, but I didn't get any pictures ;/

Here are the flamingos at the Flamingo

In addition to flamingos there were ducks, and some of the biggest fish I had ever seen!

Some sunset photos from our window at the Flamingo

I also ventured into the worlds biggest souvenir store. They had every kind of hat, shirt, cup, magnet, lighter, snow globe and every other knick knack you could imagine!

Inside The Mirage, the scenery is literally right next to the slot machines. I am still learning my camera so these shots probably look similar.

 At the check in desk, is a huge huge auaripm.

 Some photos of New York, New York as I was tinkering with my camera again

 Last few photos were inside of NYNY

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