Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vegas 2015

For New Years, Ryne and I decided to go to Las Vegas. It was so much fun for us. He worked most days, and so I got to go explore wherever I wanted. We flew there early on Monday morning, and Ryne went directly to work. The last time I was in Vegas, I really wanted to find the chiche "welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. So that was my first mission!

Just to prove I was there lol
While Ryne was working, I spend most of my days exploring the casinos, and seeing what they have to offer besides just the gambling.
I got to see many of these places still decorated for Christmas. I have found that it is easy to park at the Venetian and then explore from there.. In addition to the casino and hotel, it has a mall called The Grand Canal Shoppes. Running down the center is an actual canal, with gondolas! The ceiling is also painted like the sky, The building are all built as the shops, it is an incredible sight.

Walking in, there are huge snowflakes hanging:

A different look at the same snowflakes:

From that same spot, looking up, the skylight was breathtaking:

Here are the canals with the gondolas!

Here are some of the buildings inside of the Venetian:

Part of the ceiling near the casino:

This is near the check in desk, An accordion player is stationed to serenade the guests and get them in the mood of Italy (as you can probably tell, I am still getting used to this camera, so these pictures look completely different):

Outside the Venetian, the Christmas tree looked like it was made of bubbles. I got to go back one night and it was lit up red and green

Some exterior shots of the Venetian/Palazzio:

In Las Vegas, exists the worlds tallest observation/ferris wheel, called the High Roller. I have not had the opportunity to go on it yet, I hope to sometime.

I also ventured to Paris. I just wanted to see what sort of pictures my camera was capable of.

For New Years Eve, Ryne and I got dressed up amd made our way to The Strip for the celebrations. The streets were closed for the estimated 300,000 people showing up. It was so cold that day, it actually snowed in the morning! It was in the high 20's, hence why I was so bundled up. For the countdown, we were in the street in front of The Mirage.

Here are the two pictures we (remembered) took that night:

The day after New Years, Ryne had to go back to work, so I went back out exploring. I took these pictures with the camera he got me for Christmas.
These pictures I took from the parking lot of the SLS The Stratosphere is just so huge! I liked the casino, it was open, not too clustered. What I did not like was that they charged $20 to go to the top of the tower, so I passed =/

Some other views from SLS:

I am a true Californian, but the desert has its own beauty as well. I could never live here, but I still appreciate it in small doses

There is snow on the mountains, it snowed on New Years Eve. To the point I was driving through snow flurries in the street.

This hotel on the left is called the Fontainebleaue. It is not open nor is it being built anymore. It went bankrupt before it even opened, now it just stands abandoned. The Hilton on the right is where we stayed part of the time the next week we were in town on the 33rd floor.

I pulled in this pic. I learned that this clown sign for Circus Circus cost one million dollars. Ryne and I spent an evening at Circus Circus, and we do not like it. It is so loud, filled with families, crowded, old and gross

The pool for the SLS is amazing. I love the bar. I bet it is an incredible place to hang out in the heat of the summer.

 Down the street from SLS are the Encore and Wynn Casino and Hotel. They are so huge and elaborately decorated inside.

This is a pathway insode one of the Hotels. The lights in the trees are so pretty

I think this is a cute "modern" tree made of apples.

Near one of the elegant restaurants, there is a pool with the most amazing waterfall I have ever seen:

This window was surrounded by lights that resembled lanterns

The other decorations included a carousel that was made of (I think) roses, it spun and played music too!

The grounds of the Wynn and Encore are also very beautiful to explore

The Wynn and Encore are located across the street from Treasure Island. there are some views from that location. As you can see there are also pirate ships in the front of TI.

And turn around, there is Treasure Island!

It was a lot of fun to be in Las Vegas for New Years with my guy. I have more pictures from the following week when we were back in that town. I'll make that post soon.

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