Tuesday, January 01, 2013

School let out over three weeks ago, and I am going crazy. I read some, I go online some, I hang out with my family some, and I have been catching up with a couple of TV shows on Netflix. I have been enjoying the plethora of shifts at work. The next few paychecks are going to be a real blessing. But I can not wait for school to begin again...in 13 days...<_<

I have started lists of schools I'm going to be applying to this fall. Yes this fall I will be finally applying to numerous universities. Here is what I get to factor into these lists:

-I am still going to be graduating with my AA in Language Studies from MJC.
-Theater Major vs. other majors (i.e. psychology, music etc.).
-UC vs. CSU vs. other out of state schools.

These are the logical aspects to applying to school. The other parts I consider important to deciding a school are location, and what is around that I can make a career out of. What will make me happy? I'm sure I could get a good education here in the valley at StanState or in the Bay Area, but I am at this point convinced I won't be happy there.
I have an idea of two schools I am for sure marking as my goal, but its the back up's and other options I am listing. I'm adventurous, I'd love to explore a little more of the world.

I have also been ripping myself up over where I'd like to attend. I have been feeling torn over two locations and it changes on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. How do I deal with the super hard life altering decisions? Hand it over to God. I decided that after my research, I am going to apply to my "x" amount of schools, with an open mind and heart and let God decide where he wants me to go. I also am praying for strength and courage and trust in this decisions because I want to be able to fully dedicate myself to that decision without any regrets or "what if's" or "if only's."

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