Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Today is Valentines Day. Valentines Day has been nothing but a tilt on the fence for me. I see some people who absolutely love it and go all out for the so called holiday. Flowers, candy, dinner, dancing, chocolate, stuffed animals, poetry and every other romantic thing one can think of.
When I was growing up, we were supposed to bring Valentines for the class and we would have a class party where we would hand them out. I hated it because I didn't really get any. There came a point where it was a class requirement to bring a Valentine card for each person in the class. I felt like I was saved because I got exactly as many Valenties as everyone else did. The best ones were the ones that came with a sticker or a lollipop.
The year I was in fifth grade, Mom didn't buy valentines for us to hand out. Instead she kept me up late the night before (and when I was 10, late meant around 10 at night) and I had to make every one of the 30 or so valentines for my class out of construction paper, glue and whatever else I could find around the house. I don't really understand why my mother did not spend the $3 for the pre made ones anyone can find at Wal-mart these days.
When I got to high school, we didn't have Valentines Day parties. We could give out cards as we wanted to the school had candy-grams that came with a balloon. I would see some people who got one, and it seemed like a really fun thing to get. I also saw some people who got several, sometimes as many as 10. I never got one in all the years I went to high school. Most of my friends did, and I was happy for them. but I never seemed to get that 'special feeling.'
After high school, I decided that I was tired of being disappointed. So I quit caring about Valentines day.
I had two serious relationships, but neither of them lasted over Valentines Day. One year while I was inbetween relationships, I had the two men both bring me bouquets of daffodils, one of my favorites.
Since being married, I have not done anything for Valentines Day. No that is wrong. This is our second Valentines Day together and Greg and not done a single thing. Not even said Happy Valentines Day. I have gotten him a few nice things each year, because I love him. but he has not gotten me flowers or taken me to dinner or gotten me a Valentines Day Card. I wouldn't really mind except that we are married and I am a woman and I like doing special little things now and again, but I suppose he doesn't and I should go back to not caring.

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