Friday, February 04, 2011

Today was the last day that Greg and I are going to fuss over my residency. I'm not exactly sure where I left off on that story. Greg, my mother and I went to see this woman at the admissions office and I had bank statements, our 2009 tax information and my program guide for the Disney College Program. I filled out the paper she asked me to fill out. And everything was done. Except this time, she told me the paper I filled out was for spring 2011. I told her that I did not have any fees for 2011 because I was not in any classes for 2011 because of my fees from the fall semester. Again she told me that I was keeping information from her, which I'm sure you know by now is not true. She said I needed to go through this process again and prove that I was in Florida from June 2008-May 2009. So Greg and I spent two days looking through our boxes of stuff that are in the garage, in the closet and our bedroom to try to fins my program guide from my first CP. Not surprising, but we could not locate this book from three years ago. I did find my Marketing You binder with all of my school work and my completion paper. I had that plus the information paper informing me when the class was and where. It had may name and date of the event. Hopefully this would break what Greg and my mother and I were referring to as The Dragon Lady. I know, not very nice, but this woman had done enough damage by telling me I was keeping information from her (which I had not), by not giving us complete information and various other nit-picky things she could have avoided. So she tells me that the Marketing You papers are good, but for some reason now, she needs information from 2009 proving that I was living in California. Once again, Greg and I go home and find some information from when we were living in San Diego, our rental agreement and our Abby adoption papers.
Now up to this point, we have been back and forth to the JC like six times, and that takes gas. So when we get back to the JC, she tells me that I need TWO forms of proof, not just one. The Abby papers only had Greg's name on them. Oh, my mother was there and she was so angry with this woman. I told her I had been a student at this school for six years and I have records at this school and asked her why she couldn't pull them up.

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