Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Going Away

How can one thing that is bad enough lead to another that makes everything seem like the end of the Earth??? Four of the five people I consider my "best friends" are all moving next month. Mickalyn is going to Alabama, Melina is going to Arizona, Jonelle is going to L.A., and I just found out Brianna is moving to Texas on Sept 1. Life is so unfair, I'm not sure what to do at this point of my life.

Everything is changing and I'm not sure how to react or deal with this. After this next year, there is going to be nothing for me here in Modesto. There is going to be no one or very few people I really know. I have to get out of here more than anyone can even begin to imagine. I need to break away and hopefully go to San Diego to begin a life. There is nothing left here. I can't be here anymore. It is creating this hole in me....just eating away at me. I can't really describe it. And the way things are looking...lets just say things are not looking too good right now. I'm probably going to be stuck in this desert for the rest of my life...saying "would you like fries with that" till I die. So yeah.

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