Saturday, July 10, 2004

Kelsey Time

Alright, so this whole "family reunion" is finally over to say the least. Let's see, we had 20 people, 10 from my house, Matt, Nina, Riley, Emmet, Otto, Auntie Vee, Vanessa, Auntie Teri, Jasmin, and ...dang I forgot her name. But ok, so, yeah, no great stories or anything to share. Matt and Nina and their kids flew out from New York and that's about it. Honestly. Nothing worth mentioning has happened.
So, man, I have to work tomorrow, but at least I have someone helping me. Last week was hell. I had no help and 6 kids to look after, but thankfully, my mom came to the rescue and helped. So I have that in the morning then McKenna, T.J., and Shannon have camp for the week.  The day after she comes home from camp, she, David, and T.J., have to go into the hospital. So she will be gone for 3 weeks and I will finally have more of my Kelsey Time. For those who don't know, I discovered my Kelsey Time last summer. It is time I spend alone, writing or reading or sitting around and thinking about nothing and everything. It is actually something I cherish very much and don't have time or space to enjoy. It is during my Kelsey Time I write most of my poetry. Like the one I posted the other day and another I will post when I find my notebook. Last summer when I first discovered my Kelsey Time, I actually read the first 15 chapters of the Bible and some other selections from other sections.
Grah, so no one really is online to chat with and I already watched my Sea World videos I have saved onto this computer. I know, I think I'm gonna put some programs into my computer, so until....

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