Friday, June 18, 2004

Adventures of Black and White

Hee hee. Dude, just cause the summer is here doesn't mean the old married couple of the band give it a rest. Nope, Mickalyn and I stayed up past 2 last night playing online gin. Ah, how the times have changed. So we were online yesterday at like 1 in the afternoon and she asks me if I wanna do Mo-Band, so I'm like sure, ya know me, get me out of the house with my best bud. So we go and its all good and all. Then today, when we got to the concert, a police person lady came up to us and asked if we were withe the Modesto band. So we were like yeah, and she said she got a call from a girl who's ride had slipped through and would be waiting at the bus stop at College and Morris. So Mickalyn and I of course, volunteer to go pick up this gal. But when we got there, we were hecka early, so we waited and when we were about to leave, her bus stops and we chase her down the street. I don't think she was really expecting anyone to have come to get her. So she said she was taking her final in court and it had run late and just the normal chit chat stuff. So that was our adventure or the day and I'm waiting for Mick. to come on for another game, but, I guess she if doing something else, so I think I'm gonna go to bed, night all.

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