Sunday, June 20, 2004

Solo Mexico

YAY!!! I'm leaving for Mexico this Saturday and I'm so totally beyond anything that could even begin to describe excited. Maybe because its the only "major" plan I have this summer for the first time. I mean, last year, I went to Maui, Mexico, Pondi and even band camp (don't even think about it ). The year before, I went to Balboa, Pondi , Mexico, and band camp. Then this year, I have Mexico and that's about it. And its the first time I'm going without Cindy, which makes me a bit nervous. I'm serious, I have always had her to hang with, especially cause we both are not very connected with my church. Now I don't know anyone who is going, no one to stay up past midnight with doing hair, (they are pretty strict about bed times), aaahhh!, no one to play endless hours of cards with no more ice wars, no one to rock climb with in flop flops...shit, I'm gonna start crying here...
OH yeah! I'm getting my lap top very soon, and its a really nice one too, this is gonna rock here!!
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