Saturday, May 22, 2004

Calling to me

In case some of you can't tell, I've been insanely homesick. That is for the islands. I've been to Hawaii twice and fell in love. (With the islands). I've been really thinking about transferring to college there in two or so years. It has gotten so bad these past few weeks, I'm even learning Hawaiian in my "free time." I already know some words and phrases, but seldom use them, cause that would just be stupid. But I think it hit the hardest today. I've been doing so much homework, sleeping so little and listening to so much music, keeping minimal contact with even the people in my house. I'm not sure how to describe it. the feeling is so strong now, everything seems temporary. It's not going to last and a change like this is welcome. I'm not really a nice person to be around when change is in the air, but this (I think) is the key. To what? Not even I know.
I bought the shoes I'm going to wear with my dress for graduation. The dress is a light green and white, and the shoes match it perfectly!!!
And this albun is my new favorite, I cant stop listening to it. It really rocks!!!
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