Thursday, April 29, 2004

Sweet Ice Cream

K, so yesterday was one of the best days I've had in a long time. David has some sort of acid reflex problem and there is scaring in his stomach and stuff. But he will be ok. So he's on the same meds as my dad which is kinda weird.
But, anyway... so Caleb picked me up from school and we went out and did stuff (it was fun, we had a good time)...then Mickalyn, Melina and I went Baskin Robbins hopping cause it was free scoop night. Its sort of a tradition we have done for three years now. Its always been so much fun. Now Mickalyn and I are looking for jobs at Petsmart.
OMG!!! my life is ruined. K, not really. They are moving the killer whales around in the Sea World community and Marine World has got another whale in its possession. And there are getting another one from Argentina...I think. So, SWC has only 7 whales now and yeah, this all happened this week, right after we got back from San Diego.

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