Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Well, lets see. I should be at school. I could be doing homework. I could be doing a lot of things. But I want to sleep. At least my dad got home and there are only two little girls here with me.
Day 2: Got up at 5:30. got all kids ready and out the door on time; 7:40. Made breakfast for Dad. Watched Finding Nemo with Nina. Dad got home; 9:20. Watched Stuart Little and fell asleep. Dad took a shower and went to bed. Woke up when Nina put on another DVD. Fell asleep til 11:30. Picked up Lynnsey at noon. Got the two of them lunch and have them whtching TV now and am really tired now. And now the other kids are home and dinner is ready. And I think I'm going to bed..............
UGH, when I was at the bus stop getting Lynnsey, I got people driving be honking their horns at me. It happens every time I go out there. Its disgusting and Mickalyn, don't say a thing. I know you wish it was you.

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