Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Night wishes

Its almost 11:30 (not right now it isn't) and my vision went out the window at like 9:30. So, reading for English is almost not an option. And so I lie here in my dark room, all alone, listeneng to my radio, with my window open, and the peacocks seem restless tonight. They make the most amazing and peaceful sounds. And I don't mind not being able to do anything because there are other thing to be thinking about. And of course, the only song that has to come on is She's in my Head. Except in my case, its the other way around. Dude, if I could, I'd just get up and leave. Just go to the park or something. There would be no one there and I could actually be myself for a few hours. Night time is the best time in the world. There is no one up and about in my house, I have the only room downstairs, and no one can hear my music, which is a little out there. The best time is right before dawn, when a person knows that a day is comming and they know they have to make the most of it. It is an opportunity to live and be thankful for the day. I'm not sure if I can describe it. You just have to know.
All of the Trinity kids are in San Francisco right now, and if I weren't in percussion, I'd be there too. Last year was so amazing and life changing. The weather was beautiful with all of the rain and the night walks. I think last year, I hung out with some people I normally would not have hung out with. They are amazing people and I wish we could still hang out. doesn't look like I'll be back tlil May. Got San Diego this week and a Fever camp the next week. Have a good time, I'll be praying for ya.
And no matter what people, you can't get anywhere in life by wishing.

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