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Puerto Rico Part 1: Caribe Hilton and El Yunque Forest

I finally got my Puerto Rico Pictures edited! Ryne and I flew 12.5 hours with three stops in Los Angles, St. Louis, and Orlando. We got to San Juan at night, and had a light dinner of crackers and tuna that we had brought. Nothing was open for dinner. We sat on out balcony until three in the morning, it was so warm out, we didn't need jackets or pants, just shorts and shirts.
Sun rise come in out window at 7 am. Out room was looking over the water, and it was just so deliciously warm
Good morning from San Juan!

San Juan from our balcony.

Ahhhh! look at my view!

It was very windy our first day there. Not many clouds, but the ones that were out were huge and blocked the sun. This is one of the pools, it went right up to the ocean. To the right is the swim up pool bar. Needless to say, we spent some time here lol

At the pool bar :)

The Caribe Hilton in San Juan had a little wild life area with ducks, swans, peacocks, roosters, geese, iguanas, koi and a HUGE TURKEY!!!

The first day we were there, we drove to Costco for some supplies, like bottled water and snacks to tie us over so we could save a little money.
When we got back I taught Ryne how to snorkel in the cove at the Hilton. He caught on quickly and was as hooked as I am. It was also great exercise for his recovering shoulder.
The second day, we went to El Yunque Forest. Ryne and I have both dreamed of going to the rain forest in out life times, and we found one! It was about a 40 minute drive from San Juan. we needed to take a couple of back roads to get there but we found it.. We were so prepared, water, snacks, plastic bags for when it rained etc. We got up super early, and when we got there, there was no one there. We had the whole place to ourselves.
The rain forest from the highway. covered in clouds.

As we drove up and up very windy roads, the landscape became more dense and lush. I wish I could say I altered these colors, but this is what the rain forest really looks like!

I asked Ryne to slow down as he was driving so I could get a picture of this beautiful waterfall.

On the drive up, it rained of course lol It *is* a rain forest. We knew going into this that we *were* going to get rained on at some point. That was another reason we went up early, the rain usually comes in the late morning and afternoon.

Even though we were hiking in the rain forest, it was paved, so we got the baby version. but I'd rather have a paved path than a muddy mess.

We saw some HUGE spiders! EWWWWW

Saw a few birds

I thought the vines on these trees were really pretty. The color and the designs they made were neat.

The paved hiking path

On the trail, there were several little huts with benches and trash bins. We think they were for when it rained. Why else would they be covered?

Ryne. exploring the forest, there was a little stream by the trail here.

We also saw several HUGE SNAILS!!! OMG I've never seen anything like that before!

Ryne taking photos of the snails

Kelsey Peachy Butt in the forest :P

Kelsey Peachy Butt, hopping through the forest..

More snails

This is the most amazing picture I've taken. The mist and the sun rays really made this place magical.

Look how big these snails are!!!!!

A snail selfie

We saw a few really pretty birds.

Some of the forest, from within the forest

OMG lol ok so this little red bird on the path, he was walking on the path for...probably 15 minutes. So we were essentially following him. He hung out with us all day because we saw him on out way back too.

Silly red bird

Still see him?

I took several pictures here because we found a butterfly and I was trying to get hi in focus, but my camera liked the bushes more

There it is

I liked these little fines on this tree too.

The end of the rail lead us to La Mina Waterfall!

On the trail back, we saw another butterfly

By the time we got back to the car, there were many more people coming in to hike and eplore. we were glad we got there early
On the way back down we stopped at the Yokahu Tower for some amazing views. Again, I did not alter the colors, this is what Puerto Rico really looked like.

This is the city of  Loquillo. We ended up driving down there after the forest.

The parking lot was not far from the tower

The mountains were amazing. Can you see the face in the mountain?

These orange flowered trees were everywhere in Puerto Rico. We learned they are poinsettias.I never knew they could grow in a tropical climate

While we were up in the tower, it was threatening to rain. So we got our pictured and got out of there!

Ryne and I wanted to snorkel as much as we could so after the rain forest, we went to Loquillo and looked up places. this beach was Parque Nacional Balneario Seven Seas
 hidden behind a neighborhood and a construction project. We parked and we fell in love with this beach. Look at those colors in the water.There was nothing to see in this water so we walked down the back to those rocks in the distance and found the most secret, beautiful, snorkeling spot. We saw so many fish and there was no one there but us.

Look at that guy, I had a hard time getting him out of the water lol. He loved snorkeling!

After Snorkeling, we went into Loquillo and found a beach restaurant and we got fish tacos and the local rum. Oh it was nice. We then took a few hours to walk off the drinks at this beach.

Local riding a horse down the street, no big deal

There were surfers at this beach

Aw, my guy had so much fun with that camera

I have many many many more pictures, I'll upload this in chunks. this was just the first 2 days we were there!

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