Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Disney in the City

In January, my dad came out to the city for a day and we went to the Walt Disney Family Museum. It had been about 5 years since we had been there. They let us take photographs in there now so I took some of what I felt were really neat items.

The museum is in the presidio

It was so clear and warm that day, hard to believe it is winter in San Francisco

Walt's father, Elias Disney was an avid fiddle player, and here is his fiddle.

These were near trinkets, little jewels from the wedding dress of Walt's mother and aunt.

When Walt was 16, he wanted to join the army and go fight in WWI. But he was too young. He heard of an ambulance unit that took 17 year olds. Walt had his other write a note of permission, and he changed his birth year from 1909 to 1900.

Some of the cameras Walt experimented with for his short pictures.

Walt using these cameras

Did you know that Walt Disney was associated with Universal Pictures at one point?

Walt made a series of short films based on Alice in Wonderland. The child he had acting as Alice, Virginia Davis was asked by Walt to move to Los Angles so he could continue those films, and te did!

Before Mickey Mouse, Walt had another trademark character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Some sketches for the Silly Symphonies

Walt won an academy award for his use of color in his cartoons, beginning with Flowers and Trees.

Sketches for Pinocchio

One of the few multi-plane cameras that was invented by the company, and also aided in several academy awards.

Disney made several political films during WWII

And my favorite of course, Alice in Wonderland

Right before Disneyland opened, Walt and his Wife Lilly celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, in the park! How special!

Walt for the idea for Disneyland when his daughters were young. He wanted a place where families could have a good time together. He took his girls to the Griffith Park carousel several times and while sitting on  the bench (pictured below), as they rode it, he dreamed up Disneyland

Walt loved trains, and took up model trains as a hobby. Here is one of his traines, called the Lilly Belle, after his wife.

There is a huge model of Disneyland, with attractions of the past as well as current attractions

One of Disney;s biggest successes was taking his magic to the television. Davy Crockett was a huge deal, that swept every young boy in the 1950's to the wild west.

Disney was part of the Olympics, and here is one of the torches.

Walt loved audio-animtronics, here is one of the birds from Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room.

Another one of my favorites, The Carousel of Progress

Some of Walt's personals, eye glasses, comb.

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