Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Post regarding SEX!!!

I am currently in Las Vegas, and this is the second hotel I am staying at this week. This suite has the biggest Jacuzzi bath tub I have ever seen. I bet 4 people could fit into it. I decided to be a little girly and splurge on a bath bomb from Lush. Bath bombs are added to the water after the bath is drawn to add a little color and moisturizer.
The bath bomb I decided to get is called Sex Bomb. I decided on this one because 1) it's pink, 2) it has a cute little flower in it. I also talked to one of the girls working at Lush and she told me it was her favorite. So I got it. I was really pleased with the quality. Here is  picture from online:

And here is a photo I took of my bath bomb:


The colors in the bath bomb were amazing. They popped, and I can not portray how this bath bomb smelled. It was fresh and floral, and not too heavy. It was just a light, fragrant smell.

Oh and here is a picture of the bath in my Jacuzzi bath. The bath bomb is on the left:

That bath tub was calling my name!

After I drew the water, I let the bath bomb in to work its magic. It fizzed like an Alka-Selzer, for about a minute, and it turned the water pink! The fragrance also lingered in the water, and the flower was released to float in the water. It kind of fell apart after awhile.

After my bath, my skin was lightly scented, and my skin was moisturized. It was so much fun!

I look forward to trying more bath bombs from Lush in the future.

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