Thursday, June 12, 2014


Once upon a time,
I lived in a world where most everyone was friendly with each other.  The neighbors were friends, the employees were friends, even if we were strangers, we all played for the same team.

This week, I have been missing working at Disney, a time that consumed me from 2008-2010.

What made this place different than any other job I've had was the atmosphere. As I would walk around back stage, where the guests were not allowed, everyone greeted each other. Especially if we were not familiar with each other. It was quite a shock to experience that, but it was not hard to get used to. Before long, I was the one who also initiated the greetings. It was rude to give our regard to one another.

I'm thinking of trying to apply what I learned in the bubble of Disney, and see what happens here in real life.

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