Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I'm sure I've written on this topic time, and time again. But for some reason, my life currently and  truly reflects the phrase I
decided to call my website: Defying Gravity.

Gravity is what holds us to the earth. It is the consent, everlasting force that keeps us grounded. In my mind, gravity is the force in life that restricts us from truly flying, and reaching for our dreams and goals. Gravity is fear, some people  who are invested in music may refer to their gravity as "the man." Gravity is that person in your life that holds you back, and restricts you from truly understanding your capabilities. Gravity is doubting yourself, second guessing yourself. My ultimate goal, more than anything is to defy my gravities. Defy what is holding me back. I strive to defy fear, and doubt. 
I came to this conclusion in 2005 when I moved to San Diego the first time. I was given a burned CD to the musical Wicked, and I had read the book of the same name.I had this idea that my moving out was my escape, my chance in becoming something great without anything to hold me back. I found a lot of comfort and confirmation in the song Defying Gravity from the Wicked soundtrack. The main character had been portrayed as the ultimate "bad guy" and decided that the people who were closest to her were holding her back from her true potential. She made the radical decision to leave them to pursue her freedom. It was a story I could compare to, and thus, I adapted the theme of Defying Gravity to my website, and my life. Here is a shortened version of the song that has been mt inspiration for almost 10 years now


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