Monday, June 16, 2014

Home is Where the Heart is

The first apartment I had when I moved to Florida in 2008 was amazing. i remember waiting in line at registration and I was chatting up the person behind me. I had no idea that there were four apartment complexes to chose from.

Vista Way is the main, and original complex. It is older than the others. I remember that it had the reputation of being the "party" complex, and it sure was loud when I hung out there.  They were simply furnished, as are all of the apartments, which is so helpful for the coming from those far off places.

I was told to ask to move into Chatham Square, and it was the best place I've ever lived.It is so quite, and beautiful, I remember walking around at night and just being so happy that I had the opportunity to live in a place so beautiful

About once a month or so, someone would pull a prank and pour soap into the fountain, and suds would completely cover the Chatham Square sign.

I had my leadership and management class in those buildings, Wednesday mornings if I remember correctly.

This was the building I lived in. My window is on the second floor, there in the light colored section of the building.

This was the view out of my widow. There were many events and parties that happened on this grass area. Just past the trees are the tennis and volleyball and basketball courts. To the left there is the pool and the classrooms. I literally could be in class in about a minute.

 I'll admit I never spent much time at the Commons, It is the apartment complex for international students, so I only went there for my orientation in the classroom they have there.

This is the building where orientation took place.

Patterson Court had been open for about three weeks when I went to Disney. I had a few friends who ended up there during my second program. I remember how plain the landscaping was, bring so new and all. these pictures show how much it has grown in the recent years.

I had my first Thanksgiving in Florida here at Patterson. The CP had Thanksgiving for all of us, buffet style. I got to have my dinner with my Chinese roommate, Sophie. It was a fun experience for both of us. An international Thanksgiving

These places were wonderful to go and visit, and live in for 2 years. I sure miss it!

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