Wednesday, January 01, 2014

My Life in Shows 2013

When I got my computer last year (Black Friday 2012) I decided to reactivate my Netflix account. I tend to watch television shows more than movies. I think that the idea of a watching a movie is much more daunting and time consuming than an episode of a show. In the long run, I know it does not make sense because a show lasts a lot longer than a movie in the long run.
Most of the time, I am really busy, and really enjoy watching a show that requires very little brain power. I feel like I dedicate enough of my brain power toward school, and reading, and watching a show is the time I can shut my brain off.

The first show I caught up with this past year was The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I really got bored with this show toward the end of the series, but I really wanted to finish it off.

I think I went through a phase where I wanted to watch shows that I was not allowed to watch in middle school. The first one I watched was Dawson's Creek, and I really enjoyed this series. I was so sad when it ended. I loved the characters, I loved the story lines.

After Dawson's Creek, I decided to move on to another drama from the late 90's called Felicity. It was a pretty slow paced show, and the last few episodes were very weird, included time travel (wtf???). I don't even think I really like how it ended

I decided to jump to Futurama after Felicity. It was an easy, silly watch. I think Bender is the best character in that show, with the best one liners.

I also enjoyed going through Mythbusters, plus there is the chance that you might just learn something =)

I'm currently watching two shows. The first one is another drama, Grey's Anatomy. I really like medical shows, this one has plenty of that. At the same time, I have some real issues with this show. It spends a lot of time devaluing marriage and relationships. But I am 5 seasons into this show, so I'll finish it up eventually.

I am also watching a show I probably would never have watched on my own, but it is a recommendation from Ryne. I wanted something different, and he suggested Breaking Bad. It is described as a dark comedy, but I do not find it funny in the least. I think the only character I like is the lawyer, Saul. Everyone else has major flaws, the drug themes are very dark. But at the same time, I enjoy it, I like that I can watch it and discuss it with Ryne.

In addition to Netflix, I have an Amazon Prime account, so I have been watching I Love Lucy. I grew up watching this hair-brained red-head.

I have a few shows I am planning on watching this year (as long as Netflix keeps streaming them). So maybe in a year I'll have a new list to add to this.

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