Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rant Post =/

I try not to complain often online, but today I am because I have made a huge discovery. There are basically three parts of my life: 1) my school life 2) my professional life (work, church etc.) and 3) my personal life (time at home, relationship). The first two things have been causing me huge stresses, anxieties, emotions and physical ware. The third thing on my list has been the best part of my semester, I cling onto good things in my life. I try to see my best friend, and my boyfriend when I can, and they are the best people I can imagine myself keeping company with. For most of the week, my life sucks, I live for the weekends, my Thursday-Sunday’s are my favorite times,
I was questioned today about my overall well being, which is not a big deal. But I felt pressured to evaluate the only good thing in my life as the reason that my life is so stressful.


Oh no, it can’t be school, or work that is stressing me out to the point of tears, it HAS to be the healthy relationship with the boyfriend right???

People do not have a fucking clue what I get to deal with, they have no clue what my school life is like or what my professional life is like. Just….FML today.

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