Monday, November 25, 2013

School Sadness

I love being in school, I love to learn. The further I pursue my education, the more I see how everything in the world is connected in some way. The world fascinates me, and I have come to the conclusion that uneducated people have limited themselves to living an a box, Not only do people limit their knowledge, but most of them seem to be convinced that what they know is true, and there is no questioning it. Stubborn, uneducated vapid people.

This semester has been really tough for me. Not academically, but in every other way. None of the subjects are that interesting to me, and the one that is (biology) is not that difficult. I am knocking out the rest of my GE classes, and the people who are in them are people who are not all that interested in the topic. The boys in my Spanish class are really immature and disrespectful, actually so are some of the girls in there. They are not even fit to be called men and women

Next semester will be better. Only two more weeks =/

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