Thursday, September 19, 2013


Even though I have one less class this semester than I did last semester, I am busier than I was. Last semester, I was working maybe 3 days a week, but after a really good summer, I've been working 5 days a week. Three of those days happen after my school days that begin at 8 every morning and last until 2-3 every day.

This semester is probably the most boring semester I've ever had. Nothing stands out or excites me. I took two years of Spanish in high school and I also spent 5 summers in Mexico. So this Spanish class is mostly review for me, the material comes back to my mind quickly. The homework is submitted online, and last time I checked I had a mid-high A in he class.

My speech class does not excite me in the least. My teacher is full of himself, and I have no qualms about speaking in front of large groups of people. I have a really good start on my first speech that I will be giving in about 2 weeks on the performing arts community in Modesto and how it lead to the construction of the Gallo Center.

I did really well in biology when I was in high school. I took it as a junior, and then my senior year, I T.A.ed for my same teacher. I also took IB  (Modesto High version of AP) biology my senior year. Actually, my fist year at MJC, I was a declared biology major. I do have to put in some study time for this class, but it is not as challenging as my neuroscience class was last semester.

Besides those classes, I am taking a dance class, a Pilates class and of course band. Those are my outlets. I need the physical stimulation, and I will always need music in my life.

In addition to my usual activities, school, work and my work at the church, I am going to be applying to universities in a few short weeks, and I am so anxious over the process. I have been working so hard these last 2 years, been to countless counselor appointments, studied more hours then one could count, and I am still going to have high anxiety for the next few months, until I hear back and have a clearer idea of where God is going to use me in the next year.

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