Saturday, August 10, 2013

Short School Update

I announced that I am getting my motorcycle license in two weeks. What I failed to mention was I am completing the class the day before school starts. This is my last year at Modesto Junior College. As you know, last semester was my most busy semester, I pushed myself harder than I ever have. If you can believe it, this fall is going to be even busier. I am just finishing out my General Education, all of my specific classes are completed.

I took two years of Spanish in high school, and three years of American Sign Language in college. Because of those classes, I am graduating with my AA in Language Studies as soon as I complete the following class:

Spanish 101: Fundamentals of spoken and written Spanish.
It has been 10 years since I took Spanish so I hope it comes back pretty easily.

The rest of my schedule:

Speech and Communication 102: The study of human communication including verbal, nonverbal and listening skills. Effective oral participation in interpersonal contexts, group discussions, and individual presentations in public settings.

Biology 111: Introduction to principles of life, including reproduction, heredity, development, evolution; historical development of biology, molecular biology and ecology.

I took two years of Biology in high school and did pretty well. Actually my first year at MJC, I was a biology major. Not too worried over this class.

Astronomy 160: Introductory survey course in astronomy. Emphasis on current studies of the solar system, the study of extra solar planetary systems, the birth and death of stars, and cosmology.

This is just to fulfill a physical science requirement.

Then I will be taking three PE classes, so hopefully, I'll get myself back into shape. I've been such a fattie this summer, it is not funny >_<

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