Thursday, August 08, 2013

A Little Good, A Little Bad To The Bone

A few months ago, I went on a run with a friend from work out in the country. I told her that about 2 miles from my home, there is a dairy and if you moo or yell at the cows, they will follow you. Once we ran and came to that point, I moo-ed at the cows and they all came out of their homes, and ran to the fence to get a look at us running. The kicked up dust, and were jumping around, and followed us until their fence ended and they could not follow us anymore. My friend told me that she didn't think I was serious when I told her that cows followed us if we yelled at them.

I have had a hard time with people taking me seriously lately.

For several years, Dad and I have talked about getting our motorcycle licenses. After months of talking, he and I finally signed up to take the class that leads to the license, and it is happening in two weeks. I am beyond excited. I have been bugging him for weeks to go to the local bike shops to look at bikes, and gear. I found a helmet and jacket that I really like, as well as gloves, and some bikes that I am interested in.

This is the helmet that I found that fits, and looks good, of course:


This jacket is not the exact jacket I have my eye on, but it is similar. Black with pink decal and a pink pattern on the back:

Now after months of poking around in bike shops and online, I have decided that I am not going to get a Harley Davidson. They are very popular in this area of California. I am also not getting a sporty bike either. I think zippy, fast sporty bikes look like Pokémon:

 I am dead set on a


Triumph are British motorcycles, very elegant, much more classy than Harleys. I also narrowed down to a style of bike called the Cruisers. Within that style, I have narrowed it down to three bikes.

The America:

The Thunderbird:

The Speedmaster:

There is also the Rocket III in this line, but it is a huge bike. Not interested. Today I had the opportunity to sit and get a feel for the Speedmaster, and I think I am quickly falling in love with it.

Other bikes I am looking into are the Bonneville:

This bike has such a classic, elegant look to it!

The other one I saw today was called a Thruxton, another classic looking bike:

Problem is the rider leans forward pretty far on this one. The Speedmaster was so comfortable!

If you've read this far, it is apparent that I have been doing a bit of research on this topic, and this is not an impulse activity I am perusing. Lately, when I tell people that I am getting my motorcycle license in two weeks, I've had them laugh at me and or try to talk me out of it, and this is very upsetting to me. I am wondering why people do not take me seriously, or think that I am doing this on a whim.
Yes, I am the girl who loves cats, and make up and all things pink, but is that any reason to look down upon my decision or activity? Shame on you for taking away something that excites me.


Anonymous said...

People who don't understand motorcycles or have been affected by one generally turn into motorcyclist misanthropes. Furthermore, I think there is stereotypical gender bias towards female riders.

People who ride accept the risk because the reward is high enough.

Kelsey said...

Riding is something completely different and out of my realm of normalcy, and I had someone tell me that maybe motorcycling that is part of my personality, and I just didn't know it yet. I am discovering this statement to be true.