Friday, August 30, 2013


In December of 2006, I was living in San Diego, and moving from one apartment to a town home with my current boyfriend's friends in La Jolla. As soon as my things were moved over, I was to return home to Modesto for Christmas. My dad had driven down with the Explorer to help move things at a faster rate than I would have with my boyfriend's Intrepid. The boyfriend's sister was also in town from her school in Texas, and she was also a friend of mine. She was staying with me to help me pack things up and the plan was to have Dad bring the three of us (me, the boyfriend, and the sister) back to Modesto. The loose plan was to drive back during the day, and it was a 7-9 hour trip. The day we were supposed to leave, we got delayed. First, moving my things took a lot longer than we had anticipated. Then while we were grabbing a bite at a Jack in the Box, Dad accidently locked the keys in the car, and we had to wait for AAA to come bail us out. That took around an hour.

During this time of waiting, my dad and I were totally calm, cool and collected. I have always tried to be flexible, and accept changes in schedules. Every day can be a new experience, and as my grandfather once told me, "an adventure is always an experience just short of disaster." I really had no anxiety over locking the keys in the car and waiting for AAA. My boyfriend at the time was completely agitated, to the point where he felt offended that we messed up the schedule. Furthermore, he was angry at me because I was not angry over the situation.

I do not like it when people try to tell other people how they are supposed to feel in a situation. How someone reacts is part of our characteristics, our personality. I am pretty good at being flexible and keeping calm during potentially stressful situations. On more than one occasion, I have had people upset with me, because I was not upset during a situation, which in turn made me upset. In all honesty, most of the arguments I've had in past relationships have revolved with the other being angry with me because I did not react they way they wanted me to act during whichever situation we were involved with.

How weird is that???

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