Wednesday, June 12, 2013

School, work, future

I've had so many jobs over the years, I feel so blessed to have the one I have now. I get along with each of my partners, the work is fine, and I enjoy the perks. I love that every time I walk through the door, I get greeted like I am part of the cast of Cheers, everyone knows my name, though my manager decided to start calling me Casey today for unknown reasons, but I actually kinda like it lol.

I have a five page paper that should be turned in tomorrow for my online class, but I have not started it yet, so I think I am going to go to my store and work on it for a few hours tonight. Funny thing about school is the more advanced classes you take, the more the workload.

I have been having anxiety really badly lately. I'm not sure if I could categorize them as anxiety attacks, but I have been defiantly affected. I have put so much pressure on myself academically in the last year, and the whole pay off is going to begin in just three months. Actually I have my first transferring appointment on August 21. Looking at my calendar, that is the day the episode of The Jeff Probst Show that my family is featured in airs. But alas, I digress. I've been looking for tasks at work that are solitary work, like work in the back just so I can have time to think and pray over my future. I have invested so much of my time and energy into my schooling, raised my GPA so much that I have a very good chance of getting into several of my back up schools, I just really am hoping that my dream school is really going to become my reality next year.

Well I am going to my store in a bit to work on that paper, and to find someone to cover my Saturday shift. I have an audition/interview in LA for another show. I hope that goes well.
Hopefully I can find time, energy and courage to do some more YouTube videos.

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