Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Slowely but Surely

Modesto Junior College (MJC) has a new wait list process. The old process went like this: you sign up for a class. If it was full, you were put on the wait list. You went to the class and if people did not show up, the people from the wait list were added in order. So someone on the wait list with a relatively low number had a fairly decent chance of being added to the class.
Now, when you sign up for the class, you have wither 5 or 10 days to pay for it to guarantee your spot.  If you are on the wait list, you have to continuously check your student email because if a spot opens up, you are automatically added to the class and have 5 days to pay for it or else you then get dropped. I do not know anyone who checks their student email regularly. I was added to my English class and dropped because I did not pay for my spot.
After all the mess and fuss, I am taking band, choir and programing this semester. I did not get into the math class either. Here is that post regarding my initial school plans : blog about school.

So as a little update, here is what I can almost cross off my list of classes:
English Communication
Engl 101 Composition and Reading
Engl 103 Advanced Composition & Critical Thinking*

Mathematical Concepts
Math 121 Pre-Calculus 1
Math 122 Pre-Calculus 2

Math 171 Calculus: First Course
Math 172 Calculus: Second Course
Math 173 Calculus: Third Course

Arts and Humanities
Musg 101 Music Appreciation
Human 101 Intro to the Humanities
Sign 127 ASL-Communication with the Deaf

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Psych 101 General Psychology
Psych 110 Human Sexualities
I think I need one more course in this area, but I do not have anything listed right now =/

Physical and Biological Sciences
Chem 142 Pre-General Chemistry
Chem 101 General Chemistry 1

Bio 111 General Biology
Bio 101 General Biology

Anat 125 Human Anatomy
Micro 101 Microbiology

Languages Other Than English
Sign 125 ASL: Beginning Communication with the Deaf
Sign 126 ASL: Intermediate Communication with the Deaf
Sign 127 ASL-Communication with the Deaf

These classes UCSD requires for transfer:
Cmpsc 204 Introduction to Programming*
Cmpsc 213 Programming with Visual Basic*

I only get to knock off Cmpsc 204 this semester. Slowly but surely. I really need to get my math requirements taken care of because those are going to take the longest to do.

All in God's time.

*edited 1-1-2013

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