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Something That is the Same In Every Language

I don't really post about future events in my life. I don't really like it when people know what I am doing, when I will be there, or where I am going to be. It is partly a safety issue and I also do not like posting information that is not set in stone. Things happen and  plans are not always followed through. I have several things coming up I'm super excited about, but I am not going to share them until they have happened.

I signed up for school this past week. Yes, future event, but I am registered, making it a set plan. I am really excited because graduating school is a dream of mine. I feel like I have been working and 'floating' through life for long enough. I think this time in my life is my last shot before I fall off the face of the earth. I have a steady job, I'm not in a relationship, and I don't have any other distractions like a social life.

The school I currently attend does not offer my major, psychology. I have other interests outside psychology, like music and performing arts and my school does offer these. But if I change majors I will loose my financial aid. So the only option I have is to finish my general education and transfer to a university. Most people can finish their GE in 2-3 years. But I have been in and out of school, and been to three different schools so I am defiantly way past that limit. I always look for an easy way out by working and internships etc.

After sitting down with a counselor and discussing my goals, we came up with a game plan that will get me through my GE and set me up to transfer to a university as a psychology major. It is not going to be an easy road, nor a short one. The good part is, I know what I have to do, and I know how to get there.

My dream university has been The University of California in San Diego. I decided that my senior year of high school. I spent a lot of time my senior year looking at websites about colleges and found UCSD to have what I am looking for in a school, programs that interest me, opportunities to take advantage of, and a location close to my desired working place.

Here is what my transferring to UCSD as a psychology major entitles:

English Communication
Engl 101 Composition and Reading
Engl 103 Advanced Composition & Critical Thinking

Mathematical Concepts
Math 121 Pre-Calculus 1
Math 122 Pre-Calculus 2

Math 171 Calculus: First Course
Math 172 Calculus: Second Course
Math 173 Calculus: Third Course

Arts and Humanities
Musg 101 Music Appreciation
Human 101 Intro to the Humanities
Sign 127 ASL-Communication with the Deaf

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Psych 101 General Psychology
Psych 110 Human Sexualities
I think I need one more course in this area, but I do not have anything listed right now =/

Physical and Biological Sciences
Chem 142 Pre-General Chemistry
Chem 101 General Chemistry 1

Bio 111 General Biology
Bio 101 General Biology

Anat 125 Human Anatomy
Micro 101 Microbiology

Languages Other Than English
Sign 125 ASL: Beginning Communication with the Deaf
Sign 126 ASL: Intermediate Communication with the Deaf
Sign 127 ASL-Communication with the Deaf

These classes UCSD requires for transfer:
Cmpsc 204 Introduction to Programming
Cmpsc 213 Programming with Visual Basic

In addition to these classes, I have taken
Muse 176 Symphonic Band (numerous times)
Muse 185 Evening Jazz Band (numerous times)
Muse 155 Concert Choir (numerous times)
Muse 173 Applied Music (numerous times)

Pec 168 Beginning Swimming
Pec 169 Intermediate Swimming
Pec 170 Advanced Swimming (numerous times)
Pec 171 Swim for Fitness (numerous times)
Pec 182 Training for Distance Running

Guide 110 Educational Planning

Math 90 Intermediate Algebra

Obviously I take more than one class at a time, so in theory the quickest I can transfer is 5 semesters, because of the math classes. Math and I have an interesting history.

I did really well in math my whole life. My freshman year of high school, I was placed in Algebra 1 with a bunch of sophomores. I was doing fine in that class. In fact, I frequently finished my work early in class so I would read. My teacher once approached me and asked me why I wasn't doing my work. I told him I was finished, and had checked my work so I was going to read the rest of the class period. He told me "I don't want you doing any class work not relating to math. I don't care if you are claiming to count the pages. If you are through with your work, you keep rechecking it until the end of the class." I soon transferred out of his class, but I was not transferred to another Algebra class. I was transferred to Pre-Algebra. Even more, the teacher refused to transfer my old grade, so I basically started from scratch in the middle of the semester. I had a hard time explaining my consent "C-D" grade even though I was keeping up with the work.
My sophomore year I took Algebra I again.
My junior year I took Geometry.
My senior year I started off in Algebra 2. I had a very difficult teacher. When someone asked a question, she actually laughed and would say "You're kidding right?" (I am not making that up, my sister can confirm this). In October of that school year, I had a band trip to Reno that left on a Friday, a test day in her class. I let the teacher know ahead of time about this. She had me retake the test on the next Monday during class. I had a had time trying to pay attention to the lecture, taking notes and take a test. (I completed 3/10 problems). I dropped math that year, because I already had enough credits to graduate. The second semester I was told I needed one more semester of math to gather enough 'math credits' to graduate. The only class I could take was 'integrated math,' which was basically 6th grade math. I had the highest grade in the class with a 104%.

Because I did not complete Algebra 2 in high school, I needed to take it in college. Math 90 is not a transferable class. At this point, I moved to San Diego for the first time and Math 90 did not quite line up with the curriculum at San Diego Mesa College. So I took (and passed) their equivalent, College and Matrix Algebra.

All of this took place a long time ago. I learned everything leading up to Math 121 Pre-Calculus. But because it was so long ago, I have forgotten most of the information. I learned it, just a long time ago.
This summer, I have spent time every day studying and relearning math  starting with Algebra 1. I want to get through this so badly, I'm working so hard to teach myself, and I really hope I can keep going when it gets harder. In addition to Algebra 1, I have workbooks for Algebra 2, and college algebra and calculus.

School starts up in a month or so here. I am signed up for Cmpsc 204 and Engl 103. I am having problems adding Math 121, so as soon as I can (hopefully Monday) I am going to see a counselor to see what I can do about that. I am just really excited to think I'll be done with my English requirements this year. A big step closer to UCSD.
I do not know what classes I need at UCSD for my degree in psychology, but I am not concerned with that at this time. Just need to focus on my job, and for the next month, studying, then school when it starts up.

I do have other plans this year but I will let on about them as they happen. I have this time in my life I can focus on me, what God wants me to do, school and my job, and for that I am truly thankful.

Until next time...

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