Monday, August 27, 2012

Challenges Lead to Change

I started running about a year ago. I needed a challenge in life, and I hated running, always have. So I got McKenna to join a running class with me at MJC last fall and we started running. I discovered that I prefer running with music, so I am going to share a bit of that playlist today. I'll make this into a mini-series of my music.

I like running with upbeat music for the most part, I do not run in time with the music. With nothing else really happening, I can actually listen to the music, instead of having it on for background noise. This list is in no particular order either, I usually hit shuffle anyways.

                                                        If I Had You by Adam Lambert

 I know there are a lot of people who for one reason or another do not like Adam Lambert, and I am one of those people who do not know what that has to do with his music. If he has good music (or at least catchy), listen to it, I do.

                                                         La La by Ashlee Simpson
This song is actually very...frisky shall we say if you actually sit down and listen to the words. I think that is part of why it is so much fun, it's upbeat, and a little mature if you can unwind the innuendos. 

                             The Unknown by Athlete from the Soul Surfer soundtrack
Perfect workout music, upbeat, inspirational, full of evergy.

                                                           Headset by Avril Lavigne

This song is an in-your-face inspirational revenge song. It is a I'm-tired-of-this-small-town-stuff-I'm-taking-off sort of song.

                                                   Set The World on Fire by Britt Nicole
Another inspirational song. I'm not much into Christian music, but I relally like this song. There is no 'Hallelujah'  or 'Holly Jesus' stuff in this song. It is a song that reaches out, and asks for opportunity.

                                                                In the Dark by Dev

This song is interesting because I really like the saxophone part. It is just an upbeat song to listen to while running, though it does have adult content.

                                                     Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae
An upbeat song. I like it because it mentions partying at the Hollywood sign =) It has a few funny scenarios too.

                                     On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez Featuring Pitbull
I don't usually go out of my way to listen to J-Lo, but this song really is an interesting song. It is a dance song with a few slow parts, and a rap part.

This mini-series will probably come together in a more organized fashion down the road. I wanted to start talking about music somehow and I'm sure with some practice, my writing skills will improve. I got over the biggest hurdle, getting started.

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