Friday, July 27, 2012

Hooray for Hollywood

The last two days have been full, tiring and exciting. I worked a 4 hour shift on Tuesday and came home to the announcement that I had been submitted for an audition in Hollywood, and was invited to try out.

I was contacted by to audition for a web host. I'd recommend you check the site out. Here is how I explain it: instead of taking hours and hours filling out application after application online, Hollywood and Me allows you to make one page featuring your resume, contact info, head shots and other professional pictures, and video reels. Then when the site posts available jobs, instead of filling out an application, all you do is send your page of info. Simple yes? I think so.
I gathered the information and was to deliver it in a 2 minute monologue in a news reporter style and outfit. I had on 4 inch boots, tight jeans from Rue 21, a cranberry colored shirt and a black blazer and a checkered hat.

Mom and I left at 5 in the morning to drive down to Hollywood. We got there in less than six hours. We found the place with no problems on Sunset Blvd. We walked to look for a restroom so I could change from my travel clothes to my audition clothes and make up. There are not many places with public restrooms, not even Starbucks had one. We found an outdoor mall on the corner of Sunset and N. Crescent Heights Blvd. that had a Trader Joes and it had a restroom (and a nice one at that). What really excited me was a Crunch Studio. My sister and I have several pilates DVD's by Crunch Studios.

Starting my YouTube channel was a huge advantage because when I film for YouTube, I sit down and talk to a camera.  At my audition, I sat down in front of a camera and talked. I was told they were going to edit so when I needed to, I could pause and collect my thoughts, or start sentences over. I did take that opportunity, and I hope that does not dampen my chances of getting one of the parts.
For auditioning, I was given free membership to so I have put together my profile and submitted myself for a few jobs. Wonder how this will play out?
If you are looking for opportunities for not only acting or modeling but other areas in the entertainment industry (designers, writers, directors, producers etc.), I'd totally recommend

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