Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carlsbad, CA

Greg and I spent last week at his family beach house in Carlsbad. It was a wonderful week. We did not really get to relax because we took small trips to San Diego and to Downtown Disney. I had a college tour at UCSD on the day after we got there. I spent a lot of time there in 2005. I know the campus very well. I began my interest in that school back during my senior year of high school. I was using a website called collegeboard.com that helps with school information and SAT prep. I discovered this school was close to Sea World, is close to the beach and offered a major called animal psychology.
In 2004 when I began going out with Ben, I learned he was planning on transferring there in the fall of 2005. So that is around when I began to spend a lot of time there. I would study in the libraries, various coffee shops and computer labs. I sort of fell in love with the campus, and spent almost all of my free time, and studying time there. While I was going to SD Mesa College, I got involved with a program called the Transfer Admittance Guarantee, or TAG Program. I went to a counselor and he helped me make a 'road map' of which classes I was to take and when I was done, I was guaranteed to be admitted to UCSD. Well the relationship with Ben faded out, I moved back home and have been floating around with my schooling and classes ever since. In March, I went to see a counselor at MJC and we came up with another plan for me to transfer to UCSD, but not in the TAG program. there is so TAG program her in Modesto, so I have to go through the application process like every other transfer. In this process, I've been praying, like I do with everything. I am trying to see if this is what God wants me to do. I still want to work as an Animal Trainer at Sea World with the whales. I do not think God would give me these huge feelings to do this if he didn't want me to do this, I do not think God plays games and toy with people's emotions.
Greg and I also went to some places in SD that served some practical purpose and some of my nostalgic purposes including Belmont Park, Garnet Street, and Old Town San Diego. I'll write more about this trip at another time.


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