Sunday, March 13, 2011

Teaching on Wednesday, Concert and Japan Thursday

So much has happened in the last five days. I suppose the best way to begin is in order.
On Wednesday I got to teach. Dan usually opens with a group study and then we break up into girls and boys. I usually teach the junior high girls with Monique and Ken for support and Dan takes the guys for a discussion time. I have been doing it for about six weeks now. Dan makes up the questions ahead of time so I mostly keep the discussion going. This last week I talked about Moses crossing the Red Sea with the Israelite and the Ten Commandments. I know the story, as does I think every one else in the world. I have never read it from the bible before, I just learned it growing up in VBS. I really took my time and absorbed the words as if they were written just for me. I took notes and reread some parts. I did not spend as much time on the Ten Commandments as I did on the Red Sea because I figured more people were familiar with the passage and it would make for better discussion than the Red Sea. I was really nervous at first, and I'm sure it showed, but near the end, I felt much calmer, things felt smoother and such. I was asked to teach the whole group again because Dan is going to be on vacation this wee. I have a lot more confidence this time around because I know how to do my outline, what to say and how. I am going to be talking about Aaron this week.
On Thursday night, there was dinner at church and a concert. the Jamestown College choir was on tour and Modesto was on the list. It was a wonderful concert. There was a girl in the front row who looked exactly like Shannon, so I called mom and had her bring Shannon over to meet her. they have the same hair color and style, same face expressions, it was sort of neat.
Greg's parents were out of town that night. They left Thursday morning for Yosemite and were coming back on Friday afternoon. Late Thursday, technically Friday morning, Greg told me about a post he saw online about an earthquake in Japan. I did not think much of it because they get earthquakes fairly often, as do we in California. He told me that it was 8.9, and I knew it would be on the news. 8.9 is the biggest earthquake I have ever heard of. I have hears of many in the 7 range and a few in the low 8 range, but never 8.9 Greg and I watched the destruction on television, flipping between news stations for almost two hours. We could hardly pull ourselves to bed. We watched an oil refinery blow up on live television. We also were told that there was a tsunami warning for California expected for 8:08 in the morning. We live about 100 miles away from the ocean, so we have nothing to worry about, but it is still huge news at the same time. Earthquake, tsunami, fire, floods, so much destruction.

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