Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Ok, So here is what has been going on concerning school. I am not in school. I signed up for classes last November. Last Sunday when I came home to check my schedule and finalize everything. My class schedule told me I was signed up for zero classes worth zero credits. I was shocked. I knew I had signed up for swimming, Pilates, English, Abnormal Psychology, Introduction to Theater and Music Fundamentals. Greg suggested that I go to school anyway, try to reconstruct my schedule and try to get add cards from the classes. I usually am completely organized, I have everything written down, and ready to go nice and early. I have no idea where my head is, but I did not write down a single thing about what I wanted to take. So I spent over an hour searching online for the classes I thought I had signed up for and lo and behold, they are all full and have waiting lists of 17-18 people long. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to get into the classes I wanted to get into. I also find in my account that I owe the school over $3000. Last semester, I took 5 units, which should have added up to $130. I have no idea how the school came up with an absurd large amount of money. The other thing to consider is I have signed up and have been approved for FAFSA. I have been approved for $5550. Now that I have this in my head, I wonder why this has not covered my school fee. I also know that until this is paid off, I can not sign up for any classes.
Last Thursday, Greg and I went to the financial office at the school. I told the woman there that I was approved by FAFSA, and why had it not kicked and why was I being charged for so few class nits. She told me I needed to go talk to the person in charge of admissions.
So Greg and I waited in line to talk to another woman and I explained to her what I have been encountering. she looked me up and told me that I am not considered a California resident. According to her, because I was in Florida for eight months last year, I am no longer a California resident. I explained to her that I was involved in a college program internship at Disney in Florida. She told me she had never heard of it. I told her to go to google.com and type in Disney College Program and she would find everything she would need to know about the program. I had my mail sent to my parent's home in CA, I have an active back account in CA, I was taking online classes through school in CA, I have a registered drivers license in CA, and I even voted here in CA in the last elections we've had the last few years. She told me that I needed to bring some information proving that I am a CA resident. I asked her exactly what she wanted to see so there would be no mess ups. she wanted documents like bank statements or mail that were addressed to me in CA from January 9, 2010 or before but after August 2009. So Greg and I went home and found exactly what she asked for. I found two back statements, our tax return forms from 2009 and some mail from the California State Controller informing I can claim some lost wages from Starbucks.
The next day when Greg and I bring here these documents she asked for (and more) she tells me that I was keeping information from her. I asked her what I had kept from her. She told me that I did not tell her that I had done two internships with Disney. Ok, yes I did, Greg was there and knows I did. But I did not flip out on this woman because I know she has the power to easily change my status. I bet she could change this in less than a minute, but is ...well not. So I ask her again what she needs me to do. she told me that now I have to prove that I was in Florida and now have to prove the existence of the internship. I asked her if she had gone to Google like I had recommended. Of course, she had not. She told me I need documents proving I was in Florida on the Disney College Program.
So Greg and I go home again and I go onto the Disney College Program under the alumni page. they have a section where I could get my information concerning my College Program participation. They gave me an 800 number to call. So I called and a man with a heave accent answered and I explained to him that I needed employment proof for my school. (I think) He told me that the school needs to call. He also recommended that I go to a website that could help me. Well I did and the website gave me the 800 number to call for what I needed.
Now Greg and I are taking my mother to talk to this woman to see if she will listen to her, because she is obviously not listening to me.
At this point, school has already been in session for over a week now. There is no way I can add classes and if I could, there is no way I could catch up. I am trying to be optimistic about this situation. Maybe God has something else planed for me to do until the summer comes. I've been praying about it and trying to be open to my options. I have an idea for one thing at the moment, but I'll let that play out for now before I write about it and get myself and other people hyped up about it.
Keep praying!

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