Sunday, January 09, 2011

New Year

About a year ago, I remember I was going to make 2010 my best year ever. I felt as though I had a lot going for me. Greg and I both had our Disney College Programs ready to begin and go until August and at the time he was planning on establishing us in Florida.
My internship went very badly and I felt that God wanted me to come back to California to go back to school. I really felt God wanted me to try to get back into animal training through schooling.
Over the summer, I was sending interest emails to several facilities in the area expressing my interest in volunteering so I could get animals back onto my resume. I did not get the kind of leads I was hoping to get. I got a response from an exotic animal sanctuary who was very interested in me, but I did not realize that they were located in the Los Angles area.
Past of the plan of moving back to California was my attendance in school, Modesto Junior College foe me. I signed up for swimming, English, Band, Chemistry and Calculus.
This also included me signing up for financial aid. I could not get the same kind of finding in Florida as I can in California. I usually signed up for a BOG Waiver. It was easy, I just signed one paper, signed it in (now I could send it in via internet). When I tried to do so in July, they recommended that I try a FASFA, another kind of government funding.
I had tried to do this my first few years in college when I was living with my parents. It is a little bit of a challenge because part of the information the FASFA needs is information on my parents tax returns and information on income to let the government know that I was not able to finance my own schooling. My mother did not help me with this information. She told me that it was none of the government's business what their tax and income information was. So I did not get financial aid for school for a long time because my parents refused to help me.
So now that I am on my own, I have my own tax and income information and I filled out the FASFA information. When Greg and I got home in August, the FASFA needed one more part of information and so I sent it off and that was that. I took my classes.
In November, I signed up for classes for the spring semester. I think I had signed up for Band, Swimming, Pilates, English, Music Fundamentalist, Introduction to Theater and Abnormal Psychology.
Last Sunday night, I came home early to check my schedule and get ready for the next day of school. When I signed in to the school website, it told me i was signed up for zero classes worth zero credits. I found that I was dropped form all of the classes I signed up for was I owe the school over $3000. the FASFA was supposed to take care of that. So 2010 was not a great year, and 2011 has not been any better. It just started of very badly.
I hope to have other positive things to talk about soon.

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Joy said...

Ironically, the government already knows all of your mother's tax information-- unless she also refuses to file her tax returns each April (which I doubt). The FAFSA itself makes no financial aid guarantees-- it's basically an algorithm that calculates your financial situation and determines whether or not you might be eligible for funds like a Pell Grant, Cal Grant, or student loans. It's possible that because you filled out the FAFSA so far after the filing period that there was no money left for them to offer you. They usually send a letter via snail mail telling you exactly what you have or have not been awarded. I'm sorry that this has been such a huge hassle for you! I hope you can get it all cleared up ASAP. Good luck!