Monday, November 09, 2009

The Pirate Murder Mystery Dinner was a lot of fun. I got dressed up a little, as well as I could for being unemployed. I ended up playing the role of Mad Rose, the tavern wench. David won the best dressed, and I could tell he had fun.
Halloween was fun too. I made Nina's Princess Leia's costume out of some shirts Dad picked up. I wanted to do a trunk for the trunk-or-treat, so Greg and I were going to just have a ton of stuffed animals in the back of the car. Either he or I found an E.T. head, so we put it in the middle of the animals and made Gertie's closet.
What else is going on this week?
Tomorrow, Greg, Barbara and I are driving down the grandparents for 2 things. 1)It's Grandpa's 85th B-day. 2) Greg and I have a football game to play at in San Diego. It will be nice to be around his family for a few days. Away from Modesto. And not spending an extended amount of time in SD.
I am so excited to be going back to WDW. I think it really hit me the other day. I was listening to music I listened to while I was living in Fl, and it all came back to me. Music can to that to me. I relive through music. It releases emotions and memories, much like smells do.
My computer crashed and died on Tuesday. My pictures, music and movies are all gone. I am sad about it, and I'm looking for a new one.
I guess I'll update again when I get back next week.

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