Friday, November 13, 2009

So last Friday, Greg, Barbara and I drove to the Grandparents place. It was an eventful enough drive down. Greg and I went for a walk to the park there, named after his great grandfather. Kinda neat. We had corned beef for dinner yum, his favorite.
Saturday Greg and I drove to SD for the last football game we can attend. It was a nice trip down and the game was good. We lost but it was good. We had to drive to 2 Rubio's before we found one that was open so i could fill up on fish tacos.
Sunday we went to church and Monday we went to Downtown Disney. I got Nina a birthday present and we found our family stone in the pavement. Tuesday we drove home and as soon as we got home, Delilah was taken to the vet because she had a huge mass on her shoulder and sadly her to be put to sleep. I also got my new laptop that day. My old one crapped out a week before. We also got the movie UP and watched that.

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