Thursday, October 29, 2009

I like blogging. Keeping track of my life, and what I do. But it has been hard to do when I do not do much of anything.
Greg and I are still enrolled in one class at Mesa College even though we are living in Modesto. We are still in pep band because we needed a class to become part of the Disney College Program. So even though we have moved back, we are still commuting down to San Diego for the games. Last Saturday, the game was in Los Angles, with Sunday as a free day to Disneyland. So Sunday was Disneyland. It was a lot of fun,but I can't remember ever being that tired. I think we did almost everything there. The Fast Pass system also saved out butts and allowed us to do all the major rides. Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy was AMAZING!!!It is so good! We went on that twice, as well as Pirates, and Jungle Cruise.
Hopefully other things will happen I can write about, especially when I'm not too tired.

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