Monday, June 11, 2007

Sweet Bri-Z, with love from Ryan

Current mood:sad
06-09-07 @ 4:30pm

Bri-Z, my sister has gone away to a better place now and I am sure that everyone will remember and miss her always. she had been hurting for quite a while now and just couldn't take it anymore. but at least she went peacefully lying in her bed while we played peaceful music for her, surrounded by candles and so many people that love her including my best friend, Travis, his mother, Barbara, her daughter, Brianna Noelle Rhines, my aunt Donna, my grand- mother, Vel, not long before it happened her aide from middle school, Heidi Tatman left, and finally Ryan Clark. I am absolutely positive everyone on this list and many that aren't, love her so much and will always remember her and I guarantee that everyone that loved her, she loved them back.
Her last words were "Jesus, Pull Me toward you." she will be watching over us until we die. we all know that one day we will all see her again, in heaven.


I lost my best friend. Not just any friend, I've known her for 13 years. For all of our times, our memories, and the most beautiful relationship two people can have, here's lookin at you kid.

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