Thursday, May 31, 2007

Current mood:exhausted
Let's see. I passed ASL II yay ^_^ I'm planning on taking ASL III in the fall at MJC. I'm actually taking a lot of things this fall. I know I want to get back into music, and I'm planning on taking at least three PE classes; swimming, dance, and either weight training or aerobics.
Now I have a reason for all of these serious schooling ideas. I should probably back up and talk a little about what has been going on.
First of all, working as an Animal trainer (in somewhat of training myself haha) is everything I imagined and a million times more. I'm learning so much, and I'm having a blast. I got cleared on my first animal today, Violet the opossum (aw my little opi ^_^). I've also had time working with Cholla (Mexican Porcupine), Kong and Kamala (Tamanduas or Lesser Anteaters) and Quillson (North American Porcupine.)
 As much as I'm enjoying this life, it's not where I want to be, and I can see it becoming a fast trap.  Somewhere I lose track of where my life is supposed to take me. So again, I am posting a loose goal of becoming SCUBA certified this fall, continue swimming, and perhaps finding an organization to volunteer at that deals with Marine mammals. HAHA there is not much call for that here in Modesto is there? So maybe I can get hired next summer at SF in the marine mammal department. So that's a loose look on how my life could be going in the next couple of years. But who knows? I mean look at where I was a year ago!
KK I'm tired, and I need to rest, until next time my readers...^_^

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