Monday, May 07, 2007

Current mood:lazy
I had a dentist appointment today. It went really well. My dentist was impressed with how healthy m teeth are. I learned that good teeth are all genetics, plus I take really good care of them. I have my wisdom teeth coming in, so I'm getting those pulled s soon as I set up an appointment. I'm not going to worry about that until the end of the summer I think.
I'm also thinking about quitting Starbucks, because in two week, I become a full time employee at Six Flags, plus I just got a dollar raise when I transferred to Animal Training. So I'm sitting pretty comfortable right now.
I have I think two or three weeks of school left. I'm not planning on taking any summer classes, except maybe a swimming class. Thing is, the only one I have time to take is at 6 AM four days a week. I could really use the water time.
Eh, not much else to talk about at the time ^_^ until next time

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