Sunday, April 29, 2007

So my life as an Animal Trainer... Where to start. Did I mention I have the best job ever? I work in the Land animal Department. We have 2 Cheetahs, 2 full grown cougars, 3 cougar cubs, 3 servals, 2 tamanduas, a kinkajou, 2 Mexican porcupines, 2 opossums, 2 bats, a caracal, a wallaroo, a bush baby, and I'm sure I'm missing somebody. I've had hand-on experience with the opossum and Mexican porcupine. I've also come face to face with most of our cats, including the cheetahs. There is a lot of cleaning and studying to be done. Most of us spend our free time studying our animals, its so cool. There are shelves of books we just take out and read. I also know how to run the music for our show. So much in so little time. I'll have more time to write in about a week, talk to you then!

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