Thursday, April 26, 2007

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I don't think I've said hardly a thing about Six Flags yet have I? Well so far, I work in the Education Department. I am in charge of an animal exhibit. I educate the public about the animal, and keep people from disrespecting the animals. There are three shifts. Each shift has 4 rotations.

Ocean Discovery: Dolphin A, Penguin, Dolphin B, Sting Ray.
Dolphin A/B: People are not supposed to put their hands in the water to touch the dolphins because the dolphins bite. That never happened at Sea World. So at this rotation, I get a lot of stupid people. I do not get to talk as much about the animals as I would like. So I do not like working the Dolphin shift.
Penguin: Working penguin is so much fun. As the Explorer Guide, you are the closest to the birds, and they follow you around from behind the glass. Is popular after "Happy Feet."
Sting Ray: Is also fun. I have a few jokes I crack there and the parents laugh, and the kids laugh and the sting rays laugh. People have the opportunity to touch the rays, its pretty neat. I like the ray pools at Sea World better.

Marine: Seal/Sea Lion, Walrus, Shark, Whale, Butterfly B.
Seal/Sea Lion: is fun, people can buy fish and feed the seals and the sea lions. We also have two young sea lions with us. They were born at DK last summer.
Walrus: is one of my favorite places to work. We have 4 walruses, one male and three females. The male is the biggest ham I've ever met. He is always in the front window, splashing, clapping and having fun with the people, the kids especially.
Shark: is not my favorite, its dark, cold and the sharks, just swim around...meh
Whale, I haven't done whale because it just opened up last weekend.
Butterfly A/B: I love working butter fly. The two care takers are Rich and Peggy. They have taught me so much about the animals and plants in the habitat. I just love working the Butterfly shifts.
Land: Butterfly A, Lion, Cougar, Gator.
Lion: is really fun because you are also in charge of the giraffes and the tigers.
Cougar is really neat because we also work with a small African cat called a serval.
Gator is really fun, except they don't move. I have some fun facts that keep the people around though.

I stand in front of the animals with a mic and a sound system and I talk to hundreds of people every day.  And I'm really good at what I do. I know everyone, including many trainers and even the president of the park. I mean he and I are on a first name basis.
So in one day, I usually hit up four exhibits (when whale is closed and dolphin B is open). In one day, you take one shift, and can start anywhere, and usually go in this order. 
Any Questions? My name is Kelsey, I am your Explorer Guide for today and please feel free to ask ^_^

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